by | Aug 15, 2021 | Blog

The rising cost of production and advertising makes getting a movie into theaters that much harder. Once you have written your masterpiece, you need to close Final Draft and become a marketing ninja.
First, ask yourself, who will go see this film? You may feel that your Frank Langella biopic is a tentpole but you have to wake up and smell the coffee you spilled all over your cat. The only dramas making it to that comfy new seat at AMC are based on a book or a labor of love by someone in power. And none are blockbusters. Most see limited release just to qualify for Oscar noms.

Take at peek at stats from 2017 here:
It’s called the “movie business” for a reason. There’s a lot of money at stake. That doesn’t mean never write a drama. It means, know the companies that are making them and where they find an audience. Then you can target the right people for your script.

Trust me, there is a producer out there who makes your kind of film. By knowing who watches a movie like yours, you can create a strategy to pitch them. If you’ve written something strong on character and weak on plot, you might want to get to know directors and producers in the Indie world. If you have a horror flick, well, I would cozy up to Jason Blum and anyone who knows him. You get the idea.

No one will have the passion for your script that you will. Ever. You may find a supportive agent/manager but they will never see your work like you do. So who better to market their work than the writer. Believe that your audience is out there waiting. Now go kick some ass you marketing ninja.