I am the youngest of three boys. Growing up, my brothers used to call me Tonybabe. They were my best friends and biggest fans. Sadly, they left this world far too soon. This company is a daily reminder of their unconditional love and support.

When I was a kid, movies took me on an adventure. They had the power to lift my spirits. That’s where my dream was born. I knew that I wanted to take an audience on a roller coaster ride. But I had no idea how hard it would be to create a story from a blank page. Eventually, you force yourself to type “Fade In” and begin the journey. Just like life, there are ups and downs, dead ends and total crash and burn failures. But when you get it right…

“A great story stays with you forever.”

Tony Boland




In Development

Sleeping Beauties


Tonybabe Productions
Brooklyn NY 11217