I started out as a screenwriter, like everyone else, taking classes and reading “how to” books. Then I realized I didn’t like being told how to write from people who were not doing it themselves. That’s when I learned the most by reading scripts. Quickly, I started getting recognized for my work. Morgan Freeman was a celebrity judge who selected my short script for a contest.

From there, I placed in all the biggest screenwriting contests more than once, even making the finals of a few: Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Final Draft Big Break, Page International, Fade In, Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza.

After that I started optioning scripts. At one point, I signed six options in three years.

Finally I received my first assignment work adapting the true story of Terry Hitchcock. In 1996, this average guy ran 75 marathons in 75 days to raise awareness for breast cancer. It was based on the award winning documentary My Run narrated by Billy Bob Thornton. The producers were so happy that they paid me to write another script.

Then a pivotal moment occurred three years ago. We were about to get financing for that first feature Pushing Life. It would be my first big film credit. Then the producer/director Tim Vandesteeg passed away a month later. Of course, it left everyone on the crew in shock. But for me, it was a wake up call. I always wanted to be a filmmaker. I only started as a screenwriter because of life circumstances. So I started Tonybabe Productions and began to raise money to direct my features. We are not guaranteed another day on this Earth so I plan on making this one count.